As part of the University of Windsor’s acquisition of two neighbouring properties, Assumption Hall was converted to house the President’s offices. This charming collegiate gothic building is three storeys high with basement and includes a voluminous chapel on the north end of the second floor. The new offices occupy the entire first floor and half of the second floor. The remaining areas are leased.

A major component of the renovations is a new integrated security system that is tied back to the University’s central security monitoring system. This system isolates secure zones by means of security doors and screens that are electronically controlled and monitored. Integrated into this system was the replacement of exterior wood exit doors with new insulated metal doors complete with updated security hardware. Walls and floors were rejuvenated with new finishes and isolated areas were reworked to accommodate privacy, both visually and acoustically. One such area is in the President’s office where a doorway was sealed off, making room for a new art display alcove that is integrated into the existing wood panelling.

Of prime importance was the visual preservation of the building, both inside and out, while creating secure zones. For this reason, tempered glass doors and screens were used. These elements were carefully inserted into archways and corridors to minimize their visual impact. As well, new exterior metal doors were designed to match the wood doors that they replaced.