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Before putting pencil to paper, we listening carefully to our client’s needs. You can’t solve a problem unless you truly understand what it is.

We then explore given conditions to uncover potential efficiencies and synergies that will inform and inspire the design. With all the right pieces in place, we begin to explore alternative solutions to test the fit of spaces on the site, taking into account views, orientation and circulation. We use intelligent 3D models to verify the schemes for quality of information and accuracy of appearance. Our clients know they can trust our plans, renderings and animations as true depictions of any given scheme. For further insight, we can also generate Building Energy Models (BEM) to accurately predict how the building will perform in the real world. This enables us to optimize building performance from the early stages of design when key decisions are made that will impact the project down the road. Finally, we have a quality assurance process in place that ensures that the construction documents are clear and accurate, reducing the chance of errors and increased costs during construction.


Inspired Design that Exceeds Expectation

Adaptive Reuse and Building Expansion

Every neighborhood or district that is recognizable owes its character to its unique history and location. Character is sought after and has perceived value. People gravitate to “places”. However, many of these buildings have outlived their intended purpose and are not suitable to serve today’s needs without modification. We want to help to reinforce the character of places. We are experienced in adapting existing buildings to support new uses. Our experience spans from smaller interior renovations to entire new buildings that incorporate heritage components as part of the overall project. We take great care in crafting the interface of materials and construction between old and new.

Building Energy Modeling

Key decisions made during the early stages of design involving the massing, orientation and exposure of a building can reduce the potential for optimizing energy efficiency down the road, leaving the owner with higher ongoing energy bills than necessary. With some exploration and foresight, naturally augmented efficiencies can be captured during these early stages. We have developed a process by which we evaluate and compare energy characteristics of different schemes to find optimum arrangements. These findings inform the design going forward. As the design develops, we continue this process to include the selection of appropriate materials and construction assemblies as well as for the design of mechanical and electrical systems.

Project Management

Project cost overruns is the most common problem in the building industry. As custodians of our client’s allocated funds, we take an active role in managing the project and controlling costs. We help our clients by establishing and closely monitoring project budgets and schedules from inception to end of construction. We have a proven record for completing projects on budget and on schedule. Should our clients have a wish list of spaces in mind without having established a budget yet, we have the tools to help them make informed decisions in tailoring the list of spaces to fit their financial capabilities by creating a “shopping list” of costs by functional space.

I and my colleagues found Mr. Kalmantis to be a warm, caring and friendly person to work with. Even during the stressful times, when many of us lost patience and temper, he calmly suggested solutions that turned out to be the best solutions.

Alice Mansell, Chair· Faculty of Arts, Department of Visual Arts · The University of Western Ontario · London, Ontario

The spaces have become our point of pride as a standing invitation to others for an opportunity to educate the public about theatre productions. There is much more student, faculty, and staff traffic. This means more interaction and dialogue about the work. We now have the opportunity to see our productivity and inventory grow. This and other highlights of your design are making this working environment one in which we can create with ease and joy.

Tina Pugliese, Director· School of Dramatic Art · The University of Windsor · Windsor, Ontario

Your dedication, experience, understanding, knowledge and working well with people are only a few reasons why I so enjoyed working with you.

John Kluznik, Senior Project Manager· Highrise Construction · Bramalea Limited · Toronto, Ontario

About Integral Architecture Inc.

Since 1993 we have worked with one goal in mind – to exceed expectations. At the end of any project, we want our client to feel that they got a better result than they expected. And they had a better experience along the way than they expected. It’s that simple. Simple but not easy, because every project has challenges, sooner or later – time, budget, design… To exceed expectations, we deliberately decided to follow two simple strategies: 1. Keep our team small Challenges require nimbleness and responsiveness. Small teams communicate better and respond faster. 2. Embrace state-of-the-art technologies. Technology helps us leverage our time and experience so we can focus on innovation and people. From start to finish, we are focused on the faces of people when they first walk through their new space. The surprise when they enter for the first time and utter those magic words “Whoooa – this is far better than I expected.” Exceeding expectations. That is our victory.

How to Prepare for Your Design Project

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project for your business or personal life, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right preparation.

You may be wondering: where do I start?

Defining the scope of your project can be difficult, especially when there are so many design possibilities.

How can you be sure you’re making the right decisions for the long run?

This guide will give you 9 essential keys to consider as you prepare for your design project. We hope you enjoy this guide and look forward to your feedback on the contents.


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